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Our Branded Merchandise

Our marketing team (one-man-band aka me, Britt) decided that our giveaway promotional products would be a bit cooler than just pens and lanyards.
We want to gift you with items that you will love and use, instead of just sitting in your draw with all the other pens you were gifted (not mentioning any names cough-cough hotel chains).

minebase hat

After a few brain waves and twisting the arm of the accounts payable team, we have a range of super cool branded promotional products that we love to give away to our customers.
This could be for Wacky Wednesday orders (third Wednesday of the month, mark it in your calendars), sale reps visits (to sweeten up the cold calls) exceptionally large orders or we sometimes randomly gift lucky customers that order through our website.

gadi hat

We have a lot of new promotional products in the pipeline such as hand sanitiser that actually smells amazing, extra large and gritty wet wipes, a new drink bottle with a screw cap and many more (as my marketing budget allows!).
Keep an eye on our Merchandise page for new products that are available for purchase. Or contact your sales rep to see if you can squeeze something out of them.

As always, if you have any suggestions on what we could do better, please get in touch!

Roadbase Branded Mouse Mat