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DPM reporting – what we can do for you

How much do you understand about DPM Reporting? Or Gaseous testing? We are here to answer any questions you may have and to provide a service to your job site to keep your emissions under control.
The MineBase team has spent years trialling and testing DPM reporting out in the field to come up with the very best strategy to keep the density of Diesel Particulate Matter (DPM) as low as possible.

Did you know that Diesel Particulate Matter is classed as a group 1 Carcinogen? This means that Diesel particulate matter is classed alongside the likes of asbestos and strong inorganic acid mists in terms of the risk of catching respiratory-related cancer. Nobody wants any of that.

Our DPM Reporting strategy is simple but effective:

  • We can come to your site with all the required new-generation testing and real-time reporting equipment. We will stay on site until every operating asset is tested.
  • We will generate reports for every single asset’s diesel particulate & and gaseous emissions from real-time testing based on the MDG29 standards for DPM and gaseous emission specifications.
  • We will book a consultation with you to devise a strategy for lowering the emissions on problematic equipment so you are never left in the lurch.
  • We will treat each asset as an individual to get the best results.
  • Your people will enter and leave the site assured that their health and safety are in good hands.
Our diesel particulate matter (DPM) measurement machine


What is the Diesel Particulate Measurement requirement? It depends on the site’s particular vent requirements, eg. The fewer Air Vents/Shafts a tunnel has, the more the DPM becomes an issue. Most underground mines are less than 0.1DPM/M3.

How long does a Diesel Particulate Measurement take? Usually, 10-15 minutes for each vehicle.

How often should my machine be tested for diesel particulate? For peace of mind; testing should be conducted quarterly. At least twice a year.

Does your MineBase testing equipment log data as well as give a real-time report? Yes, the DPMM-RT2 logs data which can be downloaded either onto USB or via a network that is attached to all reports.

An example of a DPM Report

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