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Stock Ahead Swing Stand

$165.00$357.50 (incl. tax)

We’ve created the ultimate lightweight, rugged and portable stock sign. The highly reflective surface of this sign makes it easy to spot in low-light conditions.

Choose between our two options – swing stand and sign OR swing stand/sign + beacon and beacon box.

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Being in the Farming Industry we realised how much of a need there is for a sturdy yet lightweight, highly visible Stock Ahead Sign.

  • Sign Size: 600 high by 900mm wide
  • Swap out signs quickly and easily as you need them by simply unscrewing bolts
  • The stand is made from strong galvanised steel
  • Plastic end caps prevent water from getting into the frame
  • The sign frame has been powder-coated bright yellow, so it doesn’t blend into the colour of the road.
  • The Class 1 Sign is highly reflective, paired with a magnetic, rechargeable Ninja Beacon with 7 flash patterns. This makes it impossible for Motorists to not notice this sign. The beacon is stored in a lockable anti-theft box; with the padlock included.
  • The frame is lightweight making it easier to carry. It folds down flat and can be easily transported on the back of a Ute.
  • The sign has been designed to allow a slight swing making it wind resistant.
  • It meets all Australian Standard Requirements and is Australian-made.



  • Stock Ahead Sign on a yellow Swing Stand


  • Stock Ahead Sign on a yellow Swing Stand
  • Ninja Beacon (NB325A-PO) in an Anti-Theft Box x1
  • Padlock x1

We believe that this sign’s value is very affordable compared to keeping your stock safe on the road.

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How far away should I place my Stock Ahead Stand from my stock? Motorists need as much notice as practically possible, for example, around a bend, over a crest, or on straight roads, at least 1-5km.

What are the legal requirements for a Stock Ahead Stand? Stock Ahead Signs must be Class 1 yellow reflective material on 1.6mm Aluminium and must have the correct symbols and font size per Australian Standards.

What size does my Stock Ahead Stand need to be? Stock Ahead Signs must be 900mm wide x 600mm high.

What is the best way to draw motorists’ attention to my Stock Ahead Stand? There are a few ways to ensure your signs are seen by motorists.

  1. Ensure your sign is reflective.
  2. Place your sign where it is not obscured.

Should I use a flashing beacon on my Stock Ahead Stand? This is by far the best way to ensure motorists slow down! A flashing light and sign is a great combination to get the message across!

Can I customise the sign for my Stock Ahead Stand? Most certainly, we can customise any message.

The 6 BIG Stock Ahead Sign do-dos:

  1. Your sign must be displayed when stock is being walked or grazed along or within 300 metres of a public road. Except where a stock-proof fence separates the stock from the road
  2. Your sign must be positioned so that a motorist is warned at a fair and reasonable distance of the presence or likely presence of stock. FarmBase recommends at least 200 meters to give motorists time to slow down. 
  3. Your sign must be clearly visible to motorists who approach stock in either direction. FarmBase recommends a bright-coloured frame and flashing light.
  4. Your sign must be positioned so that there are no more than five kilometres and no less than 200 metres between the sign and a place where a vehicle would encounter the stock.
  5. Do not move stock or display signs after dark. FarmBase recommends never moving stock in the dark unless there is a weather emergency. In that case, you should most definitely have beacons attached to your sign stands.
  6. Your sign must only be displayed when stock is being moved. FarmBase recommends always putting your signs away once you have moved your stock. You don’t want to be the farmer that cried wolf!
Weight 8 kg
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Beacon Kit, Frame Only

Reflective Class

Class 1


600 x 900mm