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Wombat Wheel Chocks

Wombat Wheel Chocks keep both man and machine safe on site. They are compulsory means of backup to immobilise equipment when parking, during maintenance or breakdowns. Like the notorious wombat, our wheel chocks will stop your vehicle from going anywhere.

We stock Wheel Chocks from 1 tonne all the way up to 90 tonnes! We have also come up with a bracket design to hold your wheel chocks in place, on your vehicle, when travelling. We have both rubber and polyurethane wheel chocks to suit your budget and needs.

It is recommended you use at least two high-quality Wheel Chocks when parking on an inclined surface. This will ensure the stability and safety of your equipment. Don’t run the risk of having your vehicle run away on you, chock it up with Wombat Wheel Chocks!

Frequently Asked Questions

What size wheel chock do I need?

Generally, the wheel chock should be at least 25% of the height of the wheel. They should also fit snugly up against the tyre for minimal movement. I.e., Our CSP-DWQ-30T would fit a large truck tyre, the CSP-DWQ-5T would fit light vehicles, and the larger ones would fit various offroad machinery ( Depending on wheel size)

What is the difference between rubber and polyutherane wheel chocks?

There is no difference as far as functionality goes, Rubber Chocks may last a bit longer depending on the working environment, while Polyurethane chocks are lighter and easier to handle.

How can I store my wheel chocks?

Wombat wheel chocks manufactures different types of brackets to suit each type and size of chock to ensure that they are stored safely, and so they will not get damaged.

Do I need wheel chocks on a mining site?

Yes! It is a government regulation that vehicles must be parked fundamentally stably, so chocking large and small vehicles is essential.

What is a wheel chock used for?

Wheel chocks are used in roll-away prevention by preventing the wheels to roll or gain any momentum if/when park brakes fail.

When should you chock tires?

It is vitally important to chock your tyres when unloading heavy machinery or parking up. Particularly when on a slope, in or high traffic/working environment, or a lot of pedestrian activity.

Do wheel chocks go on front or back wheels?

Normal practice would be to chock both front and rear.

How many wheel chocks do I need?

In most cases, 2-wheel chocks, one front and one back are sufficient. In more extreme conditions, 4 would be more appropriate.

If you have any questions regarding this guidance you can send us a message or call us on 1800 624 088.