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Motorised Pilot Vehicle Sign

$2,302.30 (incl. tax)

The RoadBase Motorised Pilot Vehicle Sign is designed and engineered in Australia. This sign includes our most durable and popular LED Beacons. This sign identifies oversized equipment onboard trucks and trailers.

All backorders will be fulfilled within 2 days.

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RoadBase Pilot Vehicle Signs are designed and engineered in Australia. Built tough for the Australian environment and road conditions, these signs identify oversized equipment onboard of trucks and trailers. This sign includes our most durable and popular LED Beacons.Β Also taken into account that different state’s laws may differ. (e.g. Illuminated sign for South Australia.) We keep up to date with all law changes and have kits for all states ready to ship within 2-3 working days.

All RoadBase Pilot Vehicle Signs comply with Australian Standards. (NHVR – Pilot & Escort Requirements.) E.g. Beacons must be visible from 360 degrees.

  • Australian-made and 100% nationally compliant
  • Robust yet lightweight framing
  • 1-year warranty
  • Folds flat when not in use
  • Universal mounting bolt to roof racks/U bolt to the headboard
  • Australian-compliant Class 2 reflective double-sided metal sign
  • 1.5m lead connected to an Anderson plug, ready to use
  • Motorised Actuator
  • With just the click of a button from inside the safety of your vehicle, you can raise and lower the Pilot Vehicle Sign (do not raise the sign when your vehicle is in motion).

All of our RoadBase Pilot Vehicle Signs come complete with wiring – 1.5m lead that connects to a 50amp Anderson plug. We recommend that a licensed technician install this on your vehicle with your choice of switch positioning.

Disclaimer: Do not lift the sign while the vehicle is in motion. This will place too much pressure on the electric actuator and can therefore cause the actuator to burn out. (Motorised Version Only). Any procedures that are not adhered to in these instructions may result in voiding the warranty. ”

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Does the Pilot Vehicle Sign lock in the open/close position?
Yes, it does. This is a feature that is very important to our customers.

How do I attach my Pilot Vehicle Sign to my vehicle?
Roof racks are the most straightforward and most practical option for attaching your Pilot Vehicle Sign. Our sign frame is designed to have 4 mounting points in each corner of the frame. These points align with most adjustable roof racks.

Can I attach my Pilot Vehicle Sign to a headboard/sports bar?
Yes, you can, although the end user must ensure the correct bracket is mounted to align with the pre-drilled holes on each corner of our RoadBase sign frame. There are a lot of different headboards/sports bars, the end-user will have to provide this solution for their specific application.

Can I get a custom-made sign to suit my requirements?
Yes, we do provide this option with our Build Your Own Pilot Vehicle Sign. Or you can contact us to discuss your unique requirements.

Can I get my sign frame powder-coated in a different colour?
Yes, please note that this will incur extended lead times and additional costs.

Weight 20.5 kg
Dimensions 174 × 72 × 10 cm

LED Beacons


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