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9.0L Water Extinguisher

$260.15 (incl. tax)

The MineBase Water Fire Extinguisher is available in 9L and is suitable for Class A fires.

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Prevention is always our number 1 priority. However, we do know that sometimes things out of the ordinary can happen, that’s why we need to be prepared! At MineBase, we carry a large range of fire extinguishers and componentry. We also offer a testing and tagging service to ensure that your last line of defence is in tip-top condition.

Water extinguishers are mostly used for class A fire risk. In most premises, it is necessary to have either foam or water extinguishers.

This type of extinguisher is used for fires caused by various organic materials including fabrics, textiles, coal, wood, cardboard and paper among others. It should not be used for kitchen fires, fires caused by flammable gas and liquids as well as fires that involve electrical equipment.

These extinguishers are required to be placed by the exit on floors that have been identified for class A fire risk.

What’s different about water spray extinguishers?
This type of extinguisher comes equipped with a spray nozzle instead of a jet nozzle which means the water is able to cover much greater surface area quickly in order to put out fire more rapidly.

What’s different about water mist extinguishers?
As the name suggests, this type of extinguishers come equipped with a different type of nozzle that is responsible for releasing extremely small, microscopic water particles. This extinguisher nozzle releases micro particles that suffocate the fire and also keep the person using the extinguisher safe by creating a wall of mist which helps in reducing the feeling of heat.

Did you know that your fire extinguishers eventually expire?

If you think that you have had your office, machine or home extinguisher for over 7 years, there’s a good chance that it has expired. Fire extinguishers need to have an external maintenance examination conducted on a yearly basis.

They also need to have an internal examination conducted at anywhere from 1-6 year intervals depending on the type of extinguisher. For example, a dry chemical, stored pressure fire extinguisher must have an internal examination every 6 years. Some environments may require more frequent testing.

Every fire extinguisher we provide comes with a metal tag to record maintenance. Maintenance should be performed by a fire safety specialist. We can offer a testing and tagging service to ensure that your last line of defence is in tip-top condition.

Weight 9 kg
Dimensions 67 × 19 × 19 cm


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