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What size wheel chock should I use?

Wheel Chocks are essential in keeping both Man & Machine safe on Mine Sites. Wheel Chocks are a compulsory backup means of immobilising equipment both when parking up during maintenance or break downs. At MineBase we have your Wheel Chock needs covered! This brings us to the question. What size Wheel Chock should you use? …

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How do I clean my DPF?

Wall Flow DPFs, in particular, require regular cleaning and maintenance programs to ensure the maximum lifespan possible. These filters eliminate over 99% of particulate matter, because of that they block up and will no longer function as they are designed to. This will furthermore be rendered useless and unrepairable if a maintenance schedule is not …

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5 Facts about Fuel Quality and Filteration

Today’s diesel equipment requires higher fuel cleanliness to meet the demands of precision designed fuel system pumps and injectors. However, keeping diesel clean is more complex because of higher concentrations of water emulsions in fuel and organic contaminants that can foul the system. Fortunately, advancements in fuel filtration are helping to meet the growing fuel …

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Underground mine work lighting

Explaining Backpressure for DPF’s and exhaust systems

Being a filter, DPF’s can restrict flow through the exhaust which is also known as backpressure. All MineBase DPF’s are tested to ensure that there is no extra flow through restriction before it leaves the factory. However, once the filter is commissioned, naturally they start to block up with particulates. This in turn restricts the …

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Thermal Insulation Blanket Installation

Industry Safety Concerns

More and more mines and contractors are requiring thermal insulation blankets to cover the exhausts on their plant and equipment. It has become a focus issue, after a fire occurred at a NSW mine. On 29th April 2019 a fire broke out on an agitator truck at an underground mine in Central NSW. The fire spread quickly …

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