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Long Vehicle Signs

Long Vehicle signs warn drivers of the presence of oversize loads and reduce the risk of accidents. Long Vehicles must display either a Long Vehicle sign on the rear or a Road Train sign on both ends. Our reflective truck signs include metal hinge signs, metal flips, stickers, and double-sided vinyl banners.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When do I need a Long Vehicle Sign?

Combination type is:
22 to 36.5m long excluding road trains.
22 to 30m long road train with dog trailer.
22 to 36.5m long road train without dog trailer.

What are the minimum requirements for a Long Vehicle Sign?

Material: Suitable for the intended use on the vehicle.
Reflective: A yellow surface complying with Class 400 (previously known as Class 1) or Class 2 specification of Australian Standard 1906 Retroflective Materials and Devices for Road Traffic Control Purposes.
Dimensions (minimum): 1020mm long x 250mm high.
Wording: Letters must be a minimum of 180mm high. Black capital letters in typeface Series B(N) complying with AS 1744 Forms of Letters and Numerals for Road Signs.
Border: Around outside of sign. Must not be border around parts of split sign.

If you have any questions regarding this guidance you can send us a message or call us on 1800 624 088.