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Thermal Insulation Blankets

Thermal Insulation Blankets (Lagging) protect engine bays from fires spreading through the machine and putting operators in harm. Our blankets tend to redirect fires caused by mechanical issues away from the engine bay. This allows operators time to realise that the machine omitting smoke and gives them time to turn the machine off for mechanical inspection before any serious damage occurs.

The blankets suffocate the fire inside the engine bay, without these blankets oil or fuel leaks will ignite and move rapidly at very high temperatures with the assistance of internal machine fans. This will cause irreparable machine damage and put operators at huge risk.

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Frequently asked questions

Why do I need to install Thermal Insulation on my machine?

Not only does Thermal Insulation protect operators and fitters from exposure to high temps but it also reduces temperatures in high-risk areas, such as engine bays in close proximity to fuel and oil lines. Our Insulation has an outer layer that repels any flammable liquids from reaching ignition points. e.g. when a fuel/hydraulic line bursts and sprays onto a turbo or manifold which is particularly dangerous in an underground mine.

Do you install your Thermal Insulation Blankets?

Yes! We prefer to install as we are trained in this field and have the right tools for the job. This allows us to ensure there are no corners cut with our own in-house Q.A. process.

Can you supply Insulation for all types of machines?

Yes we can! We keep a very large library of designs on hand and have the capabilities of measuring all types of equipment to suit your needs.

What is your lead time?

Our average lead time from measurement to installation is 5 working days. Machines that we have already measured generally take 5 working days. This depends on the location, workload and machine components required.

How long will Lagging last on the machine?

It depends on what conditions or environment the machines are working in. e.g., underground mining where machines need to be washed down in constant sunlight etc. However, we have had machines in these particular conditions with Lagging still in perfect working order for over 4 years. Exhaust leaks will shorten lifespan.

Does Insulation over heat or damage turbos or other components?

No, our Insulation uses silica glass, which unlike fibreglass; when installed correctly by one of our trained technicians, keeps turbos and other exhaust components at an even temperature for more regular periods, which has been proven to increase their longevity.

If you have any questions regarding our Thermal Insulation Blankets you can send us a message or call us on 1800 624 088.