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Is hose protection compulsory?

Yes, hose protection is compulsory (that’s the short answer).

After a longer answer to understand why? We have got you. Read below.

Fuel lines rupturing can be extremely dangerous in many ways, none more than the risk of fire.
A burst or pinhole leak in a hydraulic system can cause serious injuries and potential fire hazards. Especially for anything or anyone located within a one-metre line of sight.

The Department of Primary Industries requires this type of protection for hydraulic hoses where there is potential for harm to personnel or the environment in the event of a hose failure.

Oil injection to your machine operator is a very serious safety issue. High-pressure oil injection can lead to a minimum of surgery or even amputation.

See below for resources from the MDG41.

The Hazards

Protection against incident

Real-Life Risk

Donβ€˜t just go off our word. See the below data tables showing how hose failures have occurred from 2007-2013.

Purchase your hose protection

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