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Everything there is to know about Oversize Banners

We like to think of ourselves as the experts on all vehicle safety signage. We get asked questions from all corners of Australia about the legal requirements or signage, and most in particular, our OVERSIZE signage.
With so many states having different rules for pilot vehicles it is only natural that many people are left confused as to what are the national rules regarding OVERSIZE banners.

What is an Oversize Banner?

An OVERSIZE banner is a tie-on canvas version of an OVERSIZE sign.
OVERSIZE banners are used for identifying a vehicle or a vehicle’s load that exceeds 2.5 meters in width.

When should I use an Oversize banner?

Australian legal requirements state that you must only use a tie-on banner where you can’t fix an OVERSIZE metal sign or sticker.
An example of this would be a hay truck because you cannot fix a sticker or metal sign to hay bales.
Another example would be a farm implement that has limited flat surfaces to secure a sticker or a sign.

oversize banner

An OVERSIZE banner must:

  • Be made out of Class 2 Reflective Material
  • Be 1200mm long x 450mm wide
  • Have a 1cm black border
  • Have the Australian Standards number and manufacturer’s name printed on the banner
  • Have the Australian Standards approved OVERSIZE font and size of lettering
  • Be fixed at eye level for motorists
  • Not be faded, crinkled or peeling
Oversize banner

How do I fit my Oversize Banner to my vehicle?

The OVERSIZE banner must be tied on at the four corners with rope or clips provided. Watch the below video which demonstrates how to do this.

We recommend using an Oversize Banner with bungee cord and clips. This banner can save up to five minutes of installation time compared to a Oversize Banner on ropes.

The banner must be visible at eye level for motorists and must not be obstructed or folded.