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Our ProRack partnership

You can now order our roadbase pilot vehicle signs with roof racks!

We are so proud to announce our new partnership with Prorack! Prorack roof racks are affordable, easy to install and keep your Pilot Vehicle Sign safe and secure while looking great on your car.

The Prorack fit finder makes it easy to see which roof racks will fit your vehicle.

Our Pilot Vehicle Sign fits the Heavy Duty Prorack roof rack. Besides fitting a Pilot Vehicle Sign, this roof rack can carry up to 100 kg per pair with protective inlay, integrated tie-down points and a t-slot for accessories.

This option will soon be available to order through our website. Until then please contact our sales team to organise your roof racks.

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What is a pilot/escort vehicle?
The Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL) gives the following definitions for a pilot vehicle and escort vehicle:
β€’ A pilot vehicle is a motor vehicle that accompanies an oversize vehicle to warn other road users of the oversize vehicle’s presence.
β€’ An escort vehicle is a pilot vehicle that is driven by a Police officer or another person authorised to direct traffic under an Australian road law.

When do I need a pilot/escort vehicle?
Each state and territory in Australia has its own rules for oversize and overmass loads, including pilot and escort requirements. This information sheet provides a brief overview of these requirements across all jurisdictions.

What are the requirements for a pilot vehicle?
1. A pilot vehicle must have a warning sign attached to its roof.
2. A pilot vehicle must have a warning light attached either above or below the warning sign; or at each side of the warning sign.