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anti-absorption properties of Thermal Insulation Blankets

Being located in Central NSW, we are close to some of the most productive underground mines in Australia. We have been exposed to the awful reality of vehicle-related fires. When we first started looking into Thermal Insulation, we found Fibreglass tape lagging was the most common choice for our clients. To read more about our Thermal Insulation Blankets CLICK HERE.

We came to the realisation, through experience and testing, that the fibreglass material actually caused an additional hazard! It becomes a reservoir for flammable liquid.

After hours and hours of tests and trials, we have developed a new product that is completely fire-preventive. Unlike other blankets, our MineBase thermal insulation blankets do not absorb any liquid.

We conducted an experiment on the repelling properties of different types of insulation. This confirmed what we believed our unique safety edge to be.

  • Photo 1) Shows the inner layer of an alternative blanket style has absorbed the oil. This potentially could become a hazard. The MineBase product has repelled the oil.
  • Photo 2) Shows an alternative product absorbing oil through excess stitching and an outer layer of mesh. This will allow the entire blanket to become saturated in flammable liquid. This could become a hazard in its own right.
  • Photo 3) This is an alternative fibreglass product used by different manufacturers in their insulation products. This can be seen here once oil is absorbed it becomes an ignition point.
  • Photo 4) Demonstrates the repelling properties of MineBase insulation which will, in turn, avert a particularly important crisis in a mining environment.