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What type of warning light do I need?

Clarification of Warning Lights:

With so many ever-changing legislations it can be hard to keep up with whether you are using legal equipment. We pride ourselves on keeping up to date with all Australian Transport and Safety legislations, relevant to our business. We do this so you don’t have to.

One question we have been receiving is about the confusion surrounding the misinformation about warning lights.

According to the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator – Standard Conditions Legislative Requirements – Class 1 heavy vehicles carrying, or designed for the purpose of carrying, a large indivisible article and Special Purpose Vehicles – Published in March 2016 on page 9 it states:

5.3 Characteristics of warning light – MDL Sch8, s35

5.3.1 A warning light attached to a heavy vehicle, pilot vehicle or escort vehicle, when switched on, must—

  • emit a yellow-coloured light of rotating and flashing effect; and
  • flash between 120 and 200 times a minute; and
  • have a power of at least—
  • if LED technology is used— 25W; or
  • if another technology is used—55W; and
  • not be a strobe light.

We hope that this can help clear up our customer’s questions and provide some clarity! Our Beacons available for purchase abide by this legislation.