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51,000 Reasons to use Donaldson Filters

The coal industry is notoriously hard on vehicles and equipment. In West Virginia, all four seasons are harsh and unforgiving. Maintenance crews on coal jobsites face a variety of dirt, dust and grime that few environments can match. To keep their equipment up and running, these maintenance crews need every advantage they can get.

So when a longtime Donaldson coal mining customer in Charleston, West Virginia, claimed to have one of the longest-running engines in the industry – 51,000 hours of work without a rebuild or major repairs, the equivalent of almost six years of continuous work – we were amazed and proud to learn from the company’s maintenance manager that they attributed that longevity in large part to exclusively running their equipment with Donaldson filters.

“What a great testimonial for our filtration products,” said Ted Angelo, Global Product Director, Engine Aftermarket at Donaldson Company. “Whether for oil, air intake, hydraulics or fuel, we are committed to providing the highest quality filters to meet our customer needs. Even in extreme operating environments.”

According to the maintenance director at this mine site, an MTU 4000 Series engine has seen nearly nine consecutive years of use in one Haul Truck. With virtually no downtime other than scheduled maintenance!  This has been a major advantage to their operation, where efficiency and reliability play such a vital role.

“We know the coal industry is highly competitive right now,” said Angelo. “If your operation is not efficient and cost-conscious, you fall behind quickly. Our mining customers are finding that Donaldson filters provide the highest filtration efficiency and lowest maintenance costs. This is a real advantage in an industry where margins are under constant pressure.”

Donaldson Blue®: The Star of this Story

While this coal-producing customer uses a full range of Donaldson filters, the stars of this story are the Donaldson Blue® extended-service air filters. These filters, which include Donaldson’s proprietary Ultra-Web® fine fibre media, are designed specifically for extended filter maintenance programs. They deliver better engine protection, minimized equipment downtime and reduced long-term operating costs for fleets. If this off-road equipment success story is any indication, Donaldson Blue filters do exactly what is intended, and then some.

Article Credit: Donaldson Filters