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Giveaways and new products – Oversize flags

Soft cloth flag giveaway

Who doesn’t love a freebie? Our RoadBase and FarmBase customers could receive one soft cloth oversize flag, free of charge! This giveaway will look like the example on the right.

Keep your eye out for our soft cloth flag giveaway, this could be coming in your next order!
If you have not received one of these flags with your order, and you would like one to trial, please contact our support team to receive your free sample!

What are soft cloth flags?
The soft cloth flag is a heavy-duty flag like the hard mesh option, but just made with a softer cloth material!
It is perforated to allow airflow to eliminate shredding. These flags are particularly good for new machinery paintwork, as they are less abrasive.

New product – flag bags

You spoke, we listened. Introducing, much to public demand: Flag Bags!

Inside this branded RoadBase bag you will find four oversize flags on bungee rope with a high-quality clip.
Perfect for drivers who love to be tidy and keep their gear organised! Available for both soft cloth and hard mesh flags on bungee rope.

Keep your eye out for more Flag Bags for our other Oversize Flags as well! Our R&D team are looking at one for flags on poles as I type.