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What Oversize Flag should I use?

With so many different types of oversize loads, from hay trucks to house moving, farming and mining equipment, outdoor pools, windmill parts and many many others, it is difficult to know what type of Oversize Flag is best to use.

We sell 5 types of Oversize Flags. on rope, original, on pole, bungee/clips and magnet.
These flags are available in hard mesh and soft mesh.

To make the choice of flag easier for you, we have done up the below diagram with what we would recommend.

What is the difference between the flags?

Bungee Flag with Clips:
The bungee flag with clips is very handy for loads that have points to clip onto, like chains.
They can also be used to loop around an object and clip back onto themselves. The stretch cord makes it very adaptable to a lot of different types of wide loads.
Our flags also use metal clips, for extra security. Plastic clips are prone to fatigue and therefore risk coming loose.  

Rope flags are most commonly used for tying onto straps on wide loads such as hay trucks, however, can be used to tie to any object.
The rope Oversize Flags are probably the most versatile type of flag.

The flag on pole is the most specialised flag.
These flag poles are made to insert into already mounted poles on an implement or low loader trailer.
Most purpose-built trailers will come with 1” poles that our flags will insert into. Our poles are especially extrusion moulded plastic, designed to flex when they come into contact with roadside objects such as guideposts.
Dowell poles will likely snap, and the flag will be lost and you will no longer be compliant.

The original or bare flag is for users to with what they wish, or simply a replacement for an original attachment.

The magnetic type flags are very useful for wide loads with metal protruding on the extremities. Our magnets are super strong and are rated to 120kmh!