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Oversize Flags – Our Start in Safety

Oversize Flags were one of the first items that RoadBase sold as a wholesale product.

We saw a massive need in the market, and being one of our biggest selling items, we figured that it would be a great place to start our wholesale modelling. We have been trialling and testing different types of materials, stitching, and combinations for the last 20 years.

Through all of that, we have come up with 2 types that suit different applications.

  • The Hard Mesh Oversize Flag – This flag is very robust and heavy-duty. It combines heat sealing and stitching to ensure the longest possible lifetime. The mesh allows the wind to pass through the flag. This eliminates a strong flapping effect that can rip flags to shreds in no time. These types of flags are perfect for fast-moving wide loads.
  • The Soft Cloth Mesh Oversize Flag – This flag is also very heavy-duty but made with a softer cloth material. It is also perforated to allow airflow to eliminate shredding. These flags are particularly good for new machinery paintwork, as they are less abrasive.

Why do we use plastic poles, not wooden dowels?

Over our many years of specialising in Oversize Flags, there has always been one common reason for replacement. The old β€œI wiped out my flagpole on a guide post and the dowel snapped”. We heard you! We developed a special extrusion moulded plastic pole, that will bend, not snap, or kink when it inevitably comes into contact with a roadside object.

Oversize Flag Soft Cloth

Should I use Hard Mesh or Soft Cloth for my Oversize Flag?

Customers may choose to use a soft cloth flag over a hard mesh flag if their truck has new paintwork. A hard mesh flag, such as AOSF may potentially do damage to paintwork from continual flapping in the wind. In saying this we have tested the hard mesh flag vigorously and have not had any problems with paint damage. The soft cloth is made of soft cotton material. The mesh flag is a synthetic PVC material. and is longer lasting in different circumstances.

Oversize Flag Soft Cloth