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Is your Pilot Vehicle Sign compliant?

We know that our RoadBase Pilot Vehicle Signs are compliant with Australian standards. But we aren’t only in the business of selling you a product, we want to help educate you as well. Is your current Pilot Vehicle Sign compliant? If not, contact us today to see how we can help.

BEACONS – Your Pilot Vehicle Sign’s beacons to be compliant must be/have:

  • Either halogen or class 1 E9 stamped LED.
  • Clearly visible at a distance of 500m from all directions or supplemented by 1 or more additional warning lights so that the light emanating from at least 1 of them is clearly visible at a distance of 500m in any direction.
  • Emit a yellow-coloured light with a rotating and flashing effect.
  • Flash between 120-200 times a minute.
  • Halogen beacons: at least 55W of power.
  • LED beacons: at least 25W of power.
  • Cannot be a strobe light.

WIRING – Your Pilot Vehicle Sign’s wiring to be complaint must be/have:

  • An Anderson plug
  • We recommend having a licensed auto electrician wire up your pilot kit as per Australian standards.

SIGN – Your Pilot Vehicle Sign’s sign to be compliant must be/have:

  • 1200mm long and at least 450mm high. We recommend 600mm.
  • Must be double-sided.
  • Letters must be at least 200mm high and in typeface series C(N) complying with AS1744.
  • A yellow surface complying with Class 2 AS 1906 “Retro-Reflective Materials and Devices for Road Traffic Control Purposes”.
  • A black border that is at least 20mm wide.
  • The manufacturer’s name or trademark, and the brand and class of material used for the warning sign’s surface. It must be permanently marked in letters at least 3mm but no more than 10mm high.
  • The sign angle can be no more than 200mm lean back.

LIGHTING – Your Pilot Vehicle Sign’s lighting to be compliant must be/have:

  • Some Australian states allow wide loads to move at night under permits in which case the sign will require illumination on both sides of the sign.

Wig Wag Lights must:

  • Be mounted in pairs, one on each side of the front of the vehicle.
  • Flash an alternating white light.
  • Not interfere with the amber warning lights or any other lights required under road law or be headlights.
  • Have an illuminating surface area not less than 40cmΒ².
  • Be no less than 500mm above ground level and no more than 1000mm above ground level.

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