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Does your oversize sign fit your truck?

Did you know that there is a very particular size that your Oversize Signs must be?
And yes, we know it is a pain trying to fit an OVERSIZE Sign into tight spaces, especially on your new rig’s shiny new bullbar!
Oversize trucks are one of the most targeted trucks on the road for compliance inspections. We all know that they will sting you for anything that they can!
At the end of the day, they are trying to keep everyone on the road safe, even if the rules do seem ridiculous!

Here is what you NEED to know

Your Oversize sign must be:

  • Class 2 1906 yellow reflective backing.
  • Have wording & font of particular size, style and spacing.
  • Must have the manufactures’s name printed on the sign.
  • Must be 1200mm x 450mm in 1 piece.
  • Must be 600mm x 450mm in 2 pieces.
  • 10mm black border.
  • On 2 piece sign, the border must not surround the words OVER & SIZE.
The above images are all examples of illegal oversize truck signs.


What is the fine for having a non-compliant oversize sign? It varies on many things, we believe it to be over $600.

What are the dangers of having a non-compliant oversize sign? A non-compliant Oversize sign could lead to liability in an accident and insurance denial.

How do I fix the Oversize sign on my truck? Where possible, a metal sign or sticker must be fixed directly to the vehicle, either by adhesion or fixings. Where this is not possible, an Oversize Banner may be used.

Are Oversize sign rules all the same across Australia? Yes, The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator now enforces this right across the nation.