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Is my Class 1 Rear Marker compliant?

Class 1 Prismatic material is not always as it seems. We have been receiving a lot of questions regarding the legislation around Class 1 material so we hope this quick 2-minute read can lay them to rest.
Over the years, we have found that just because reflective material has the honeycomb look, doesn’t necessarily mean it is compliant.

We use only the best most reputable brands of reflective material in the world. So how can you tell if your sign is compliant?

  • Most cheap imported reflective will not have certification marks stamped into the material;
  • Usually, on Class 1 material, there are drum or dye lines in the material. These are typically .4mm thick and 1m at a maximum. This is not a blemish; this is in fact the only way to make genuine prismatic Class 1 material.
  • Class 1 prismatic is a 3-layered material, that gives off a 3 dimension reflection.
  • Most cheaper signs will only be 2 layered and will mimic the 3 layered prismatic effects, but in fact, will NOT be compliant.

There used to be a saying that if it was “honeycomb” material it was Class 1. That is not necessarily true!

Gareth Mansley

There are a lot of imitation Class 1 materials now available on the market that are not compliant! Here are some ways that you can identify a genuine reflective sign.

  • Has a moulded centre and therefore will have a mould line every metre where the mould stops.
  • There will be a certification number stamped into the moulded centre layer.
  • The reflection can be clearly seen from all angles, not just from directly in front.

If in doubt, ask your sign supplier for proof of authenticity. We are always willing to help our customers identify whether or not their signs are compliant. Please feel free to contact us anytime with a picture of your sign. Or better yet, you can bring it to us for us to inspect.
You can also read the supporting document from the NHVR – Vehicle Standard Guide (VSG) 29 – Rear Marking Plates and Do Not Overtake Turning Vehicle signs

The Class 1 RoadBase difference:

  • We hold high stock levels.
  • Same-day shipping on stocked items.
  • All Class 1 Signs/Stickers are made from a certified prismatic material as opposed to a look-a-like to guarantee high reflectivity.
  • Clear gloss finishes for UV protection to keep your signs from fading.
  • Compliant with AS4001.1.


What is the difference between Class 1 material and Class 2 material?
Class 1 material is a 3-dimension higher reflective material used for Rear Marker signs. Class 2 is a single-layered 1-dimensional reflective material used for OVERSIZE and LONG VEHICLE/ROAD TRAIN Signs.

How do I know that my Class 1 Rear Marker sign is compliant?
All RoadBase signs comply with VSB12 and AS4001.1 Standards and use genuine certified Class 1 material. If your Rear Marker is dull, does not have a 3-dimensional middle layer, or does not have the same reflective properties from all angles, chances are, you are not compliant!