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What rear marker do I need?

It is a regulatory requirement that marking plates be placed on the rear of certain motor vehicles and trailers. This is to improve their visibility and to provide the do not overtake turning vehicle warning to other motorists. – VSB12

So what Rear Marker do I need? Let’s answer that for you.

All motor vehicles over 12 tonnes GVM (gross vehicle mass)and all trailers over 10 tonnes GTM (gross trailer mass) must be fitted with Rear Marking plates. Let’s talk about the different categories of Rear Marking plates.

Categories of Rear Marking Plates

Rear Marking plates are categorised according to their overall width and height. They are assigned a code on this basis: for example, a 300mm wide x 100mm high plate is designated as Category 31.

  • Category 31L and 33L plates only feature the DO NOT OVERTAKE TURNING VEHICLE message (known as a legend). Indicated by the letter L after the category number.
  • Category 33 plates are marking symbols only.
  • Category 34A and 34B plates combine marking symbols and legend. Letters A or B indicate the direction of the symbol.
  • Category 161, 81 and 41 plates are strip plates with the letter A, B or C to indicate the direction of the colour bands on the plate.

The obligation to provide the “do not overtake turning vehicle” warning is a road rule as applicable in each jurisdiction. This applies equally to heavy and light vehicles and combinations.

  • Vehicles or combinations of 7.5m or more in length that have to straddle lanes or turn from an adjacent lane in order to turn at intersections must display a warning the “do not overtake turning vehicle” message.
  • Vehicles or combinations with a combined length of less than 7.5m must not be fitted with the “do not overtake turning vehicle” message.

The function of the “candy-stripe” Rear Markers is to increase the visibility of the vehicle. They are to be used in conjunction with 31L or 33L plates.

All RoadBase Rear Marker plates and stickers are compliant with Australian Standards (NHVR VSB12). Our metal signs are backed by Aluminium, which is lightweight and easier to handle!

Class 2 Rear Marker Signs will be phased out by the end of 2020. They will be replaced by Class 1 reflective material. At RoadBase, we have all of Class 1 Reflective Rear Markers you may need to fulfil your requirements.

To view, VSB12 (National Code of Practice – Rear Marking Plates) click here.

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