What size wheel chock should I use?

Wheel Chocks are essential in keeping both Man & Machine safe on Mine Sites. Wheel Chocks are a compulsory backup means of immobilising equipment both when parking up during maintenance or break downs. At MineBase we have your Wheel Chock needs covered!

This brings us to the question. What size Wheel Chock should you use?

As a general guide, the height of the Wheel Chock should be 25% of the height of your wheel and fit snugly against your tyre. For example, a wheel 600mm high, you would need a wheel chock of 150mm.

When parking on a gradient it is recommended that at least two Wheel Chocks are used.

Most Mine Sites in Australia require all vehicles to use Wheel Chocks at all times.

To find out what size Wheel Chocks we have available, click here https://www.advanceglobal.com.au/minebase/wheel-chocks/

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