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How do I clean my DPF?

Wall Flow DPFs, in particular, require regular cleaning and maintenance programs to ensure the maximum lifespan possible.

These filters eliminate over 99% of particulate matter, because of that they block up and will no longer function as they are designed to. This will furthermore be rendered useless and unrepairable if a maintenance schedule is not followed. This could potentially lead to further damage to the asset over time.

There is value in the regular maintenance of your DPF. We recommend using high-grade manufacturer spec oil which has lasting benefits not only to the vehicle life but also to the DPF, due to a cleaner emission on combustion.

MineBase offers a full tailored maintenance and cleaning schedule for DPFs of all shapes and sizes. We also offer a spare replacement while this is being carried out.

If you never get your DPF maintained then it will be rendered unrepairable like the picture above. When Carbon sets and becomes solid it is nearly impossible to remove it from the DPF.

If you have a Light Motor Vehicle with a smaller DPF you can follow the below steps for cleaning your DPF:

  1. Purchase a DPF Cleaning Additive to help clear the ash and soot. This bottle of fluid is designed to break down the ash and soot that’s clogging the filter. DPF cleaning additives contain fuel borne catalysts. These experience a combustion process to eliminate the soot and ash. Use the cleaning additive every 3 – 6 months to maintain the DPF.
  2. Pour the cleaning additive directly into the fuel tank. Read the label on the bottle of the cleaning additive and follow the manufacturer’s directions carefully. Turn off your vehicle, open the fuel tank and insert the nozzle of the cleaning additive. Pour the required amount of the product into the tank and then replace the fuel cap and door.
  3. Drive your vehicle for 15 – 30 minutes to get the additive running. Begin driving your vehicle as you normally would. The cleaning additive starts working regardless of the engine and vehicle speed.

We still recommend getting a professional to have a look at your DPF to ensure that it has been cleaned correctly and is working to its full capacity.

To contact us regarding getting your DPF cleaned or to schedule maintenance please contact us on 1800 624 088 or fill out a contact form online.

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