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Is my faded truck sign compliant?

We often get asked, is my faded truck sign compliant? We are rather biased, as we take pride in our new and shiny RoadBase signs. There is nothing better looking than a new sign on a beautiful truck! But it’s a valid question and we will answer it for you to the best of our knowledge.

Under the HVNL (Heavy Vehicle National Law) a defective heavy vehicle is defined as a heavy vehicle that: (a) contravenes the heavy vehicle standards. (b) has a part that does not perform its intended function, or has deteriorated to the extent that it cannot be reasonably relied on to perform its intended function.

VSG29 clearly states “Rear marking plates that are faded, damaged, incorrectly fitted or no longer clearly marked with all required information must be replaced with Class 1A, 400 or UNR70 plates.” Click here to read VSG29

VSG19 also says “The sign is displayed so that the entire sign is visible and be maintained so that it can be easily read by other road users“. To prevent being considered a defective heavy vehicle, the marking plates fitted must not have deteriorated to an extent that they cannot be reasonably relied on to perform their intended function. Click here to read VSG19

A RoadBase Rear Marker or Identification Truck Sign has an average life expectancy of 5 years minimum.

This varies on multiple factors such as; extreme weather, pressure washing, North/Southbound vs East/Westbound, collisions with branches, bollards, guide rails and sun exposure. If cared for correctly, you can make your sign last up to 30 years. We are currently undertaking an experiment throwing all the elements at one of our Rear Markers. We want to see what amount of pressure we can put it under and how it performs!

In conclusion, there isn’t a measurable standard to see if your faded sign is compliant. As long as road users can easily read it. Take pride in your ride! Upgrade your signs and keep all road users safe.


If you have any further questions regarding this information please give us a call on 1800 624 088 or send us an enquiry.

To find out more from the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator about whether your truck is compliant please click here.

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