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What kind of truck am I?

We get asked a lot; what kind of identification sign do I need for my truck? It is a good question, a great question even. Not only does the correct identification help other road users safely overtake, but it also guarantees not landing a hefty fine from the Road Authorities!

What is an Oversize Vehicle?

There are a lot of technical answers out there but we will give it to you straight and simple. If your load is over 2.5m wide or 4.3m high then you are classified as an Oversize Vehicle. Therefore you must display an Oversize sign. In some states, there is an unarticulated Oversize length of 25m.

What is a Long Vehicle?

A Long Vehicle is classified as being over 7.5m long. Although, you do not need to display a Long Vehicle sign until you are over 22m.

What is a Road Train?

A Road Train is a prime mover that pulls two or more trailers or semi-trailers. Once a vehicle is over 30m long it becomes a Road Train and needs to display the correct sign.

What is the difference between a Long Vehicle and Road Train?

A combination longer than 22m, but not longer than 30m, must display a Long Vehicle warning sign at its rear. A combination longer than 30m must display a Road Train warning sign at its front and rear – National Heavy Vehicle Register (December 2021). Click Here to read more about Road Train and Long Vehicle Standards.

Do I need a Pilot Vehicle for my Oversize Load?

When your Oversize load is over 3.5m you will require a Pilot Vehicle.

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