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Industry Safety Concerns

More and more mines and contractors are requiring thermal insulation blankets to cover the exhausts on their plant and equipment. It has become a focus issue, after a fire occurred at a NSW mine. On 29th April 2019 a fire broke out on an agitator truck at an underground mine in Central NSW. The fire spread quickly and 19 workers underground at the time had to retreat to refuge chambers while the fire was brought under control. NSW Planning & Environment are of the position that all fires on mobile plant are preventable. (See their Mine Safety Regulatory Reform here.)

Our business is to help keep your people and your plant safe. Thermal insulation blankets reduce the risk of fire, protecting your people and your machinery.

Pictured above are some of the thermal insulation installs we have done recently in nearby mines. We measure, supply and fit the insulation to specific underground machines.

Our services include:
  • On-site visit and reporting on thermal insulation requirements
  • Measure up machinery for thermal insulation
  • Custom make thermal insulation blankets
  • On-site installation of thermal insulation blankets