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What Flashing Light should I get?

When you google Flashing Light, and you are really after an LED beacon, you are going to be inundated with hundreds of different products.

Choosing the right LED beacon for the job can take a bit of research. There are so many different features, colours, mounting types and big technical words.

Euroka Lighting specialises in stocking Flashing Lights/Beacons/Worklights for the Mining, Transport and Agriculture industries.

our top 5 flashing light recommendations

  1. Mega Bright Without a doubt, this is the best LED beacon on the market.
    Boasting a 3 x brighter light source than any other average LED Beacon. The Mega Bright has a hybrid mounting system, it has a magnetic base but can also be bolted down.
    Australian weatherproof and so SO hardy, this beacon ticks every single box. If you want to be seen, then this beacon will get the job done.
    Best suited for: Oversize Loads, Pilot Vehicles, Light Vehicles on Mining Sites, Construction Sites.
  2. Portable Magnetic LED Beacon This LED beacon is like a mini version of the Mega Bright, but with two big advantages! it is portable and more affordable.
    Whilst this beacon is not as powerful as the Mega Bright, it is very practical, hardy, compact and easy to use. It comes with a remote and is rechargeable.
    Best suited for: Forklifts, temporary signage, and Sales reps/Contractors that frequently visit Mining Sites.
  3. Pole Mounted LED Beacon Our Ninja Pole Mount Beacon is extremely popular with farm and mining machinery that requires a beacon mounted on a pole.
    This beacon is easy to take on and off but still has the wiring and switch permanently installed in the vehicle. This is great for the likes of tractors which need flashing lights on the road, but not in the paddock.
    Best suited for: Farm and mining machinery.
  4. Micro Stud Mount LED BEACON Calling all the operators that want a simple yet heavy-duty 3-bolt LED beacon!
    For people shopping on a budget but still after a permanent, low-profile beacon, this is the one for you!
    Best suited for: Pilot vehicle oversize overload kits, forklifts, construction vehicles, and machinery lines.
  5. Magnetic Marker Kit A bit different, but in high demand! So practical and loved by all users in the transport industry. This kit comes with 12 x 4 LED marker lamps and a carry case. These marker lamps can be easily magnetically attached to all types of trucks and trailer combinations. The carry case has inbuilt batteries for the marker lamps.
    Warning: this kit is often sold out and lead times can be lengthy.
    Best suited for: Trucks and trailers.

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