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Meet the Team – Niko

What does a typical day look like in your job?

I start my day by having a coffee. I then prepare the CNC Lagging machines, getting them ready making sure that I am cutting the right job, and putting my heart into it.

Nivi taught me a lot of skills with the signage machines, I am a fast learner. If you give your mind and heart, anything is possible.

What are some highlights of your job?

First thing, coming in the morning, before greeting others, they greet me first. Everybody is really friendly, the teamwork is 150%, TOO GOOD! Everybody has good communication. They don’t leave you alone, people always ask how the day is going and how the work is going.

Could you tell us a bit about yourself?

Where do I start, I am from Fiji. Fiji is not easy to live in, trying to survive is hard. I got an opportunity to come to Australia to work with a good company and good people and send the money home to my wife and kids and hopefully, they can come to Australia! I play rugby league, I love the league. My favourite team is the Panthers!

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