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Clean up Australia day

We love Australia! There’s no place like it. That’s why here at Advance we believe that we should keep Australia clean and free of rubbish!

In honor of Clean Up Australia Day, we are doing our bit to help. We spent an afternoon picking up rubbish along Broglan Road where people dump what they were going to take to the tip. Some bits of rubbish were clearly victims of not being tied down properly (gotta flick those straps people, and say to yourself “that’s not going anywhere”!). Our team picked up an old unwanted umbrella, plastic bottles, cardboard boxes, cans, smashed glass bottles, and much more.

Advance believes that every day should be Clean Up Australia Day! We can all do our bit to help pick up rubbish and keep our community and country clean. Our team found it very rewarding to clean up just a small spot in Parkes.

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