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Hydraulic Hose Spill Plugs 10 Piece Kit

$45.00 (incl. tax)

Our Hydraulic Hose Spill Plugs were designed for use during the repair and maintenance of hydraulic systems.

With an easy-to-grip top, these durable plugs require no tools for installation or removal and only require hand tightening to be installed.

This kit contains 10 plugs.

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Hydraulic Hose Spill Plugs are designed to be inserted into any open port or hose up to 1-1/2” during hydraulic system repair and maintenance.

They are silicone-free, making them resistant to most chemicals and oils. Spill plugs are also designed to be hand-tightened. To install them – insert, push and twist them, as displayed on the packaging.


  • 4x Small Plug – 1mm-13mm (3/64”-1/2”) Diameter
  • 4x Medium Plug – 8mm-26mm (5/16”-1”) Diameter
  • 2x Large Plug – 12mm-38mm (1/2”-1-1/2”) Diameter


  • Prevents liquid spillage & leakage
  • Keeps hoses & fittings free from dirt during servicing
  • Does not contain silicone making them resistant to most chemicals & oils

It is important to note that these plugs are not to be used under pressure. Always clean plugs before reusing them.

Hydraulic Hose Spill Plugs Specifications

Quantity 10 Pieces
Small Plug Size 1mm-13mm (3/64”-1/2”) Diameter
Medium Plug Size 8mm-26mm (5/16”-1”) Diameter
Large Plug Size 12mm-38mm (1/2”-1-1/2”) Diameter
Temperature Range -25Β°C – 90Β°C (-13Β°F – 194Β°F)


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