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Oversize Load Ahead Motorised Pilot Vehicle Sign

RoadBase Pilot Vehicle Signs

RoadBase Pilot Kits are One of a kind! Being designed and engineered in Australia. This makes them the best possible choice for Australian conditions. We have options for manually operated or electronically operated, also LED Beacon upgrades. These kits are extremely versatile, and will fit almost any application.

We can also tailor make your sign to suit your specific needs.

Also taken into account that different state’s laws may differ. (e.g. Illuminated sign for South Australia.) We keep up to date with all law changes and have kits for all states ready to ship within 2-3 working days.

All RoadBase Pilot Kits comply to Australian Standards. (NHVR – Pilot & Escort Requirements.)  E.g. Beacons must be visible from 360 degrees.

manual Version

AOSCKT01 Standard Halogen Beacons $799
AOSCKT03LED Upgrade Beacons$999

Motorised Version

AOSCKT05LED Upgrade Beacons$1,499

Not in the Heavy Vehicle Industry?

RoadBase can supply you a roof mounted sign with warning lights and any wording you may need…

Weed Spraying Ahead?
Workmen Ahead?
Cyclists Ahead?
Mowing Ahead?

… anything you need. Only an extra $199.

Wee spraying sign

Frequently Asked Questions

When do I need a Pilot Vehicle?

Each state may have different requirements for this. Please refer to this information sheet.

What are the requirements for a Pilot/Escort Sign?

– Sign must meet Australian Standards.
– Must Have the wording “OVERSIZE LOAD AHEAD” clearly visible from front and rear.
– Beacons must be visible from 360 degrees and ADR compliant.
– Must not be leaning back more than 200mm from top to bottom of sign.

Where can I purchase a Pilot /Escort Sign Kit?

RoadBase has distributed all over Australia. Call us today to find your nearest stockist.

Download the latest catalogue here.

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