Dangerous Goods

Dangerous Goods Signage

RoadBase DG Flip Kits are manufactured to the highest standards to suit Australian conditions.

This signs includes 14 different Dangerous Goods signs. These can be changed and displayed at any time held in by heavy duty clips.

Also available, is a DG Banner, which can be tied onto the side of a truck or trailer and have the appropriate information inserted in to it and sealed by velcro.

Dangerous Goods Flip Kit

Dangerous Goods Flip Kit

DGFLIPMetal Signs 250 x 250mm –
14 Dangerous Goods Signs Included
Dangerous Goods Banner

Dangerous Goods Banner

DGS600Dangerous Goods Banner$157.50

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy Dangerous Goods Flip Kits?

RoadBase has authorised stockists Australia wide. Call us today to find your nearest stockist.

What Dangerous Goods Signs are included in the DG Flip Kit?

1. Flammable Liquid 3
2. Non-Flammable Non-Toxic Gas 2
3. Dangerous Goods
4. Oxidising Agent 5.1
5. Explosive 1
6. Miscellaneous Dangerous Goods 9
7. Flammable Gas 2
8. Organic Peroxide 5.2
9. Flammable Solid 4
10. Corrosive 8
11. Toxic Gas 2
12. Dangerous When Wet 4
13. Toxic 6
14. Spontaneously Combustible 4

What are the DG Flip Kits made out of?

They are made out of Aluminium.

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