Diesel Particulate Matter Measurement

Diesel Particulate Matter Measurement and Reporting

DPMM (Diesel Particulate Matter Measurement) is testing a DPF (Diesel Particulate Filters that are fitted onto machines with diesel engines) to see how well it is running.

Knowing whether your emissions control method is working effectively is paramount. That’s why we offer a measuring and reporting service that will track and trend your particulate and gas levels.

We use the latest and most trusted measuring equipment available in the market. These tests are conducted on-site for your convenience.

We have the highest quality DPM Measurement tools.

Diesel Particulate Matter Measurement Testing in newcastle, sydney and regional nsw

Advanced Global offers a wide range of diesel particulate filter testing services. If you need to test your diesel engine, we can come onsite so that downtime is minimized and the process goes quickly. This is perfect for remote mine sites.

If you have a diesel vehicle, then it’s important to monitor how effective your filters are performing. The filtration process reduces harmful gases from polluting the environment or people working with diesel engines in confined spaces. This is critical for the operation of heavy machinery at underground mine sites which will not let machines enter if they fail this test!

Keep your machinery operating in a safe and efficient way. Get your machinery tested by the team at Advanced Global.

Our team can come to you.

Back Pressure Monitors and Data Loggers

For DPF’s and Exhaust Systems

Being a filter, DPF’s, can restrict flow through the exhaust which is also known as back pressure. All MineBase DPF’s are tested to ensure that there is no extra flow restriction before it leaves the factory. However, once the filter is commissioned, naturally they start to block up with particulates, which in turn restrict the flow levels from that of a brand-new unit.

MineBase Filters have a pressure relief valve that only activates when the filter is completely blocked and is harmful to both the equipment and the environment.

Back Pressure Monitors and Data Loggers provide the operator with a real-time indication of back pressure and will sound an alarm when pressures exceed the recommended amount. Service personnel can also download a history of back pressure from a selected time frame to see trends and patterns for further diagnostics. For this we use the latest and most trusted equipment available.


What is the DPM measurement requirement?

It Depends on the site’s particular vent requirements.

How long does the test take?

Usually, 10-15 minutes.

What is the test formula?

Milligrams per cubic meter relative to elementary carbon.

How is it better to have the engine hot or cold?

The test requires it to be a running temperature of 40 degrees +

How often should my machine be tested?

For peace of mind testing should be conducted at least quarterly.

Does your testing equipment log data as well as give a real time report?

Yes, the DPMM-RT2 logs data which can be downloaded either onto USB or via a network which is attached to all reports.

Minebase - Your mine safety partner
Your underground environments covered

At MineBase, we have all your underground environments covered, whether it be an unground mine, tunnel or any other type or underground workspace.

We can report on all different specifications and regulations depending on the state or territory regulations and site’s specific requirements.

Different sites may have different tolerances to DPM (Diesel Particulate Matter), depending how much access they have to fresh vent air.

Download sample reports

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