Diesel Particulate Measurement

Diesel Particulate Measurement and Reporting

Knowing whether your emissions control method is working effectively is paramount. That’s why we offer a measuring and reporting service that will track and trend your particulate and gas levels.

We use the latest and most trusted measuring equipment available in the market. These tests are conducted on-site for your convenience.

DPM Exhaust Analyser

Back Pressure Monitors and Data Loggers

For DPF’s and Exhaust Systems

Being a filter, DPF’s, can restrict flow through the exhaust which is also known as back pressure. All MineBase DPF’s are tested to ensure that there is no extra flow restriction before it leaves the factory. However, once the filter is commissioned, naturally they start to block up with particulates, which in turn restrict the flow levels from that of a brand-new unit.

MineBase Filters have a pressure relief valve that only activates when the filter is completely blocked and is harmful to both the equipment and the environment.

Back Pressure Monitors and Data Loggers provide the operator with a real-time indication of back pressure and will sound an alarm when pressures exceed the recommended amount. Service personnel can also download a history of back pressure from a selected time frame to see trends and patterns for further diagnostics. For this we use the latest and most trusted equipment available.

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