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With farming being the backbone of Australia and knowing the importance of keeping stock safe we have designed a Stock Ahead sign to cover every concern and need.

Being in the farming industry we realised how much of a need there is for a sturdy yet lightweight, highly visible Stock Ahead sign. The inspiration came from travelling around rural NSW, we noticed that the majority of Stock Ahead signs on the road weren’t visible. If you did manage to see them, your vehicle would experience an extreme brake test!

Old, tattered signs are often left out with no stock on the road. This creates “the boy who cried wolf” situation, motorists end up not paying much attention as they should when they see Stock Ahead signs.

With all these concerns in mind, we have designed and created a lightweight yet robust Stock Ahead sign that packs away quickly for easy storage

Stock Ahead Sign on road


Stock Ahead Sign

We have created the ultimate lightweight, rugged and portable stock ahead sign. With its high reflective surface it’s easy to spot in low light conditions or when you need your attention!

Lightweight but sturdy frame
Versatile light in box locked up
Powder coated frame
Rust resistant/weather resistant
High quality class 1 reflective sign
Sign swings, won’t be knocked over from wind
Easily visible for motorists
Magnetic rechargeable beacon with 7 flash patterns and remote
Lockable Anti-theft box, comes with padlock
Class 1 beacon
Compact folding frame, quick and easy setup
Australian Made

Product Description

  • Our FarmBase Stock Ahead Sign has been powder coated bright green, so it doesn’t blend into the colour of the road.
  • Our Class 1 Sign is highly reflective, paired with a magnetic, rechargeable LED Class 1 Beacon with 7 flash patterns.
  • The beacon is stored in a lockable anti-theft box with the padlock included.
  • The frame is lightweight making it easier to carry. It folds down flat to be transported on the back of a ute with no problem.
  • The sign has been designed to allow a slight swing making it wind resistant.
  • It meets all Australian Standard Requirements and is Australian made.
  • The value of this sign is very affordable in comparison to keeping your stock safe on the road.


For more information, and pricing, talk to the team at Advance Global today.

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